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Our ancestors’ food has been preserved in very few cases; usually only waste provides information about the eating habits of the people of earlier epochs. Slaughterhouse waste can be found from all periods - the oldest traces of this in northern Germany are Paleolithic reindeer bones from the Ahrensburg tunnel valley. Finds of mussel shells, fish bones, fruit pits or charred grain also provide clues to the diet of earlier generations.

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Charred Grain

Age: 100 - 200 n. Chr. Roman Imperial Period

Material: Grain

Location: Scharmbeck


Age: 800 - 500 v. Chr. Iron Age

Material: Ceramics

Location: Ovelgönne

Bone Remnants

Age: Undated

Material: Animal Bones (Pig, Steppe Bison, Wild Horse)

Location: Elbe near Hamburg