91 Knives

Flint Dagger (1)
Knife (3)

Knives have always been among man’s most important tools. Their design as all-purpose tools has hardly changed since the Stone Age; only the material has: The spectrum ranges from the flint fishtail dagger to the blades of bronze and iron to the present-day high-tech product made of titanium.

Info: Showcase 91


Age: 2800 - 2200 v. Chr. Neolithic period

Material: Flint

Location: HH-Wilhelmsburg


Age: 2000 - 800 v. Chr. Bronze Age

Material: Bronze

Location: Bevensen


Age: 0 - 375 n. Chr. Roman Imperial Period

Material: Iron

Location: HH-Marmstorf


Age: 2009 n. Chr.

Material: Titanium

Location: unknown