92 Boar Hunt


Boar spears have been used as a weapon for hunting wild boars since the Middle Ages. The parry bar prevented the animal from being pierced, and the shaft of boar spears was made of sturdy ash wood. Hunting wild boar with the boar spear required great experience and skill and is hardly practised today. The risk of injury from the boar's tusks was considerable. It was considered a royal test of courage to go boar hunting with only the boar spear. Charlemagne's successful hunt for a boar is accordingly also acknowledged in the St. Gall manuscript Carolus Magnus et Papa Leo from the year 799.

Info: Showcase 92

Boar Spear

Age: um 1600 n. Chr. Modern period

Material: Iron

Location: Elbe near Hamburg

Boar's Tooth

Age: Undated

Material: Animal Bone

Location: HH-Farmsen