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A large cemetery near Rössen in Saxony-Anhalt gave its name to one of the first farming cultures in Germany. The typical vessels of the Rössen culture had a spherical base and were usually richly decorated with large triangular patterns, squares and zigzag bands. In Hamburg-Lohbrügge, such a Rössen cup was found on a mesolithic settlement site in the Boberger Dunes. Like numerous pierced and ground axes, the manufacture of which was still unknown to the people of northern Germany, it shows that far-reaching trade contacts existed between the native hunter-gatherers and their southern neighbours, who as farmers already followed a completely different way of life.

Info: Showcase 23

Rössen Cup

Age: 4500 - 4200 v. Chr. Mesolithic period - Neolithic period

Material: Ceramics

Location: HH-Boberg