49 Hoard of Coins from Gödenstorf

Coin Treasure
Coin Treasure

The treasure find from Gödenstorf consists of 8,206 silver hollow pennies, of which 6,712 have come into the possession of the museum. The majority of the coins were minted in Lüneburg. The coins, weighing seven pounds, were in a clay pot filled to the brim, which was found by a farmer in the field in 1939. Not 20 metres away from it, a treasure with 3,000 silver coins had already been discovered in 1907 - a huge fortune that had been buried in the Middle Ages for fear of looting. The owner had not been able to lift the treasure.

Info: Showcase 49


Age: um 1275 n. Chr. Middle Ages

Material: Silver (?)

Location: Gödenstorf