83 Migration Age

Display Case 83
Fibulae (3)
Glass Cup (2)

Typical objects from the Migration Period that characterise this turbulent era are this urn, the glass cup, and the two fibulae. Fibulas were part of the costume of Germanic children, men and women; they held the garment together on the shoulder. They were very much subject to fashion and quickly changed their appearance. The occurrence of very similar pieces on the Lower Elbe and in England, as in the case of these fibulae with the same arm, makes the path of Saxon emigrants clear. The glass cup is an import from the Rhineland, and the urn, richly decorated with stamps, has relatives in England. It is further evidence of contacts there from northern Germany.

Info: Showcase 83

Hump Urn

Age: um 400 n. Chr. Migration period

Material: Ceramics

Location: Issendorf

Pointed Cup

Age: 400 - 500 n. Chr. Migration period

Material: Glass

Location: Altenwalde

Equal-Armed Fibula

Age: um 400 n. Chr. Migration period

Material: Bronze

Location: Tötensen