120 Trade good copper ingots

Tear Copper Plates (2)
Copper Ingot (1)
Copper Ingot (1)

In the summer of 1981, the crew of the Elbe dredger "Odin" recovered the remains of a ship from the early 17th century that had sunk there. The cargo also recovered consisted of muskets, knives, brass bowls and various types of copper or tin ingots. Almost all of the copper plates and ingots have stamps that provide clues to the places of manufacture or to trading houses of the time. The composition of the cargo suggests that this ship was on its way to Portugal, where the copper was to be made into metal hoops - so-called manillas. Portuguese traders traded these for gold, ivory, spices, and slaves, because manillas were considered a means of payment for a long time, especially on the west coast of Africa.

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Age: 1622 n. Chr. Modern period

Material: Copper

Location: Elbe near Hamburg