32 Goldsmithing

Disc Fibula (2)
Berlock (1)

The two pieces of jewellery shown here are examples of innovations in Germanic art.
The fire-gilt silver brooch is one of the most important finds of the Roman Imperial period in the district of Harburg. It shows an animal - dog or stag - looking back, designed by a Germanic artisan in a native style based on the Roman model. Comparable brooches come from Scandinavian princely tombs. The richly decorated pendant, a so-called berlock, belonged to a woman's necklace. The filigree work shows the skills of the Germanic goldsmith, who probably made this pendant from melted Roman gold coins.

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Age: um 125 n. Chr. Roman Imperial Period

Material: Gold

Location: Quarstedt (Darzau)

Disc Fibula

Age: um 300 n. Chr. Roman Imperial Period

Material: Silver (fire-gilt), Horn, Copper, Iron

Location: Tangendorf